LASER Course

Florence, November 2017

Laser removal of alterations and deposits on the surface of artefacts is a restoration technique of excellence, offering high precision, selectivity and very low impact on the artwork. Multidisciplinary research generated specially conceived applications for the restoration of different materials, as well as new and improved procedures as compared to the traditional techniques. Also, an innovative laser prototype was developed and introduced in the restoration sector, with demonstrative interventions on artworks and monuments.

CNR, Institute of Quantum Electronics




Kairos staff attended a course on the use of laser for cultural heritage conservation, with the aim of training qualified personnel in the most advanced restoration techniques and methods. Two-day training sessions allowed our restorers to learn the characteristics and operation of laser technology depending on the type of materials, their state of degradation and cleaning targets set by a restoration project.
The course was held at the Laboratori El.En S.p.A. in Calenzano (Florence), a leading company in the sector, with their equipment made available for cleaning practical tests.