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Several diverse wood essences are used to manufacture religious and non-religious ornaments and other architectural and holy art furnishings, both in indoor and outdoor environments.
Studying the diverse types of degradation resulting from environmental conditions or attack by xylophage insects allows restoring wooden artworks respectful of the characteristics of the original essence and of their cosmetic and ornamental quality.

In several cases, careful cleaning interventions help wood marquetries resurface from repainting coats and dirt deposits. Recovering the original state of wood allows making the most of the ornamental quality of different wood essences.


In our workshop, special care has always been devoted to gilt wood. Gilding is a common feature in large ornamental complexes, coming on stucco or wood, statues, furnishings and frames alike. Restoration consists in cleaning the surface softly to remove all dirt and protect the original elements. Gilding is remade only on recognizable gaps, with gold foil reintegrated by oil gilding on top of a prepared surface of bole.